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How to Grow a Survival Garden


Growing your own self-sufficient garden

By Tim MacWelch
The Survivalist
Jan 4, 2013


When planning a survival food garden, it’s critical to know what seeds to purchase and what to skip—and it’s just as vital to know how to store those seeds and what you can expect from those food crops.

I was fortunate to grow up with the concepts and calluses of growing a family garden, so I have seen bumper crops and more than a few disappointing yields. I’ve also seen that there are a lot of different interpretations when it comes to growing your own garden.

One of the biggest things to consider when buying seeds to grow a survival garden is the caloric value of the food. You can’t live off salad and herbs—there simply aren’t enough calories in leafy veggies. Tomatoes, peppers, and other highly flavorful fruits and vegetables that people love to grow are surprisingly low in calories, too.

Many companies sell “survival garden” seed assortments. But be warned before you purchase that prepackaged bucket of seeds. Are there enough high-calorie plants in there? You may be better prepared by selecting your own seed for each plant type, and taking into account the soil, weather, pests and rainfall where you live.

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