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International Network of Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security (RUAF Foundation) – Update 18

Soukra, Tunisia. Focus Cities: Helping urban farmers adapt to climate change and water stress. By IDRCCRDI.

RUAF Update # 18 January 2013

Ir. Marielle Dubbeling has been appointed the new Director of the RUAF Foundation. She has taken over from Ir. Henk de Zeeuw, as per 1 October 2012. We again want to express our heart-felt thanks to Henk de Zeeuw for all the work he did in the past years. Henk will continue working for RUAF, though on a part-time basis.

Excerpt from bulletin:

Lima (Peru)
In October 2012, The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (Peru) approved two new ordinances that recognise and promote urban agriculture in the city: (1) Ordinance N° 1628 approves the Environmental Metropolitan Policy, and makes explicit reference to the promotion of urban agriculture and the re-use of treated waste water for urban greening; (2) Ordinance N° 1629, promotes the development of urban agriculture as a strategy for environmental management, social inclusion and local economic development in the Province of Lima and announces the creation of a Municipal Programme on Urban Agriculture. For the coming 2 years the following targets have been set:
• the creation of more than 2000 new urban gardens
• to join 33000 urban farmers in an urban farming network

• to establish 2 new ecological market fairs
• to institutionalise the urban agriculture programme and ensure its funding
• to develop an integrated land use plan (including urban agriculture) for two peri-urban valleys of Lima.
Contact: Gunther Merzthal (Municipality of Lima/RUAF):

Bulawayo (Zimbabwe)
The Multi-stakeholder Forum on UPA in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) is still very active and coordinating related activities in the city. A new project on UPA by the Zimbabwe Democracy Development Trust sourced for partnerships through the forum. The poultry project at the Gum Plantation, supported by RUAF from 2009-2011, is growing: it has now 128 farmer members, and new markets have been identified in the city, while the management of the project has been improved. Discussions are on-going with the Council to change regulations in order to allow farmers the keeping of more than 25 birds without a special permit. The mushroom and rabbit projects, also at the Gum Plantation, have absorbed 321 additional farmers. These projects and the other gardens use chicken manure from the poultry project.
Contact: Takawira Mubvami (MDP/RUAF Southern Africa):

See the complete bulletin here.