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Whitaker site proposal in Northeast Portland could be a model for urban farming

Whitaker Farm Draft Proposal.

Three acres would be committed to a “Farm-to-School” market garden

By Larry Bingham
The Oregonian
January 30, 2013


The site of the former Whitaker Middle School, demolished in 2007, could become a national model for urban community farming if a proposal unveiled Wednesday night moves forward.

The Whitaker Community Farm project would be a temporary, 5-year use of the vacant site owned by Portland Public Schools.

If the site is OK, it would be divided into three areas, said Weston Miller, community and urban horticulturist with the Oregon State University Extension Service.

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Wall Street Journal: Backyard Farming Gets Fancy

What would posesses a person to buy a $1,200 chicken coop, or a $45 white-enamel pail? Outdoorsy activities are getting a high-end makeover and consumers are flocking to the trend. WSJ’s Anne-Marie Chaker and Terrain Brand President Wendy McDevitt join Lunch Break with details.

High-End ‘Homesteaders’ Want Pricey, Stylish Tools; The $1,300 Chicken Coop

By Anne Marie Chaker
Wall Street Journal
Jan 30, 2013


Can chicken feed, canning jars and garden hoses feel chic?

Absolutely, say retailers cashing in on the “modern homesteader” craze. As more urban and suburban homeowners take up backyard farming, items like chicken coops, beehives, gardening tools and pickling and canning supplies are getting more stylish and pricey.

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