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Gardening with rapper T.I.

Who knew The Kang was a gardener too?

CNN Feb 1, 2013

T.I. and family teams up with CNN’s Dr. Sanja Gupta and Taja Sevelle of Urban Farming to plant a winter garden.

“How do you know when these things are ready to be picked?” asks a veggie-hungry T.I. The Atlanta rapper appeared alongside his kids on CNN’s Sanjay Gupta MD for a segment about winter gardening.

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Documentary/Spain – From Madrid to the Soil: the emergence of urban agriculture

De Madrid al suelo: la emergencia de la agricultura urbana.

The Community Garden Network of Madrid – La Red de Huertos Urbanos de Madrid

La Red de Huertos Urbanos de Madrid es una iniciativa impulsada por diferentes colectivos que se dedican a la agricultura en los espacios urbanos, en la ciudad de Madrid. La creación de la Red surge como respuesta a las necesidades de las huertas urbanas de recibir apoyo mutuo y compartir conocimientos, experiencias, insumos, etc.

Por otro lado, la idea de la red es una forma de crear un punto de encuentro. De centralización, por parte de todos los colectivos interesados: para darse a conocer, para organizar actividades comunes, para incidir de forma conjunta en la sociedad, etc…

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Home-grown food part of a new vision of urban development

The Community Supported Agriculture model means that community residents would have access to fresh food grown right in their own “backyard.” Photo by Mark Cullen.

In Burlington, Vermont, more than 8 per cent the food consumed by residents is grown within the city limits.

By Mark Cullen
The Star
Feb 01 2013


Indulge me for a moment and imagine a new residential development of quality homes surrounding an 18-hole, championship golf course. A well-designed community of semis, towns and fully detached homes are knit together by winding, well-treed streets. Every garage has a golf cart in it and every golf cart has two large garden trugs in the back.

Say what? OK, change that golf course to a farm. And not just any old farm, the latest “urban” farm, where half of the green space normally devoted to the golf course is a huge garden that produces food for the immediate community. Fresh greens and produce are sold to local green grocers and restaurants. People travel long distances to see this place. And local residents only travel a few blocks to pick up their groceries, fresh from the land.

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