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Gardening with rapper T.I.

Who knew The Kang was a gardener too?

CNN Feb 1, 2013

T.I. and family teams up with CNN’s Dr. Sanja Gupta and Taja Sevelle of Urban Farming to plant a winter garden.

“How do you know when these things are ready to be picked?” asks a veggie-hungry T.I. The Atlanta rapper appeared alongside his kids on CNN’s Sanjay Gupta MD for a segment about winter gardening.

“When our next guest reached out, I was a little surprised because he’s a gardener and a hip-hop star,” admitted Gupta.

Gupta, T.I., his two eldest kids and Urban Farming founder Taja Sevelle planted boxes of arugula, lettuce and carrots in Tip’s backyard. Watch the family fun time below.

T.I.’s website here.