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Crowdfunding for 100 Urban Gardens Across America

(Very funny video. Mike)

“We’re empowering people to teach their own communities how to ‘fish’ so their whole community will be self-sustaining and will be able to eat for life,”

Matt Petronzio
Jan 22, 2013


Whole Kids Foundation, PACT and Indiegogo have joined forces to create an inspiring crowdfunding initiative: building 100 urban gardens across the United States. This is the first time a non-profit, a brand and a global crowdfunding platform have partnered to help drive change in local communities around the country.

Whole Foods’ non-profit arm will facilitate each grant and provide online resources, while PACT, an organic apparel company supporting global causes, will provide physical perks in exchange for donations. Indiegogo will provide the platform through which donations can be made until Feb. 28.

The main goal of the partnership is to increase accessibility and consumption of fresh produce in local communities through sustainable gardening. The initiative also aims to inspire community members to become activists and raise money through crowdfunding.

The idea isn’t just to build gardens, but also to equip community members with a working knowledge of gardening in order to sustain them.

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