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Vertical food garden and worm composter combined

The revolutionary composting vertical food garden that transforms your kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer for fast, abundant growth

The Garden Tower

– Holds up to 50 plants
– Is faster and more abundant than conventional gardening
– Can grow anything; veggies, flowers, herbs, etc.
– Turns your kitchen scraps directly into organic fertilizer

The design is elegant, simple, and set-up is straightforward and easy! Our patent pending internal worm-driven composting system makes The Garden Tower is the only garden planter that can generate it’s own fertilizer and self-conditioned soil. Along with its low-evaporation design and other innovative features, it creates incredibly healthy growing conditions.

The Garden Tower Project has a vision of a world with healthy produce, accessible gardening, and food for all. The existence a Centralized Agriculture system is faced with a variety of challenges both in the quality of food that’s produced, the impact on the environment, and ultimately being unsustainable. A move to Distributed Agriculture is a good solution to these problems, and we believe that The Garden Tower can be a means to that end.

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