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Enroot: Taking Urban Agriculture To A New Level In Toronto

Curtis Yim, President of ENACTUS at Ryerson.

The goal is to have a vertical garden structure (factoring in the engineering challenges) in place at Bloor Collegiate by early spring.

Faculty of Science
Ryerson University
February 1, 2013


A new project, run by ENACTUS (formerly SIFE Ryerson), will begin to take shape in 2013, with the goal of putting local food growth—and entrepreneurial skills—in the hands of high school students. The growth will take place at Bloor Collegiate Institute, where a class of students is poised to help in the design, market planning, production, and sale of food. Bloor Collegiate is a city school. Located at Bloor and Dufferin, it has little arable land. This is where design becomes the exciting factor: the garden will be vertical.

Their project, EnRoot, will use the input of Dr. June Komisar, a professor of architecture at Ryerson who is also an advocate for food security, and who has been helping students engage with food issues in their architectural design projects. The goal is to have 400 square feet of garden in a very limited, concrete space. Students will take a hands-on role from the start.

“The big idea,” says Yim, “is to get the class involved, not just in growing the food, but in the whole process; to understand the origin of food; to handle it professionally; to learn factors of marketing, and how to manage inventory. We want them to feel ownership of the project.” EnRoot is launching with the help of 24 students in a Bloor Collegiate grade 12 food and nutrition sciences class led by their teacher, Josephine De Guzman.

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