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A glimpse of Toronto’s ‘City Seed Farm’

Bicycle powered urban farming based in High Park and Juction Triangle neighbourhoods of Toronto, Canada.

A film by Sasha Thomas

For some the concept of “urban farming” is a contradiction in terms. But not for Erica Lemieux. The founder of Toronto’s City Seed Farms shows us that growing food in the city is the way of the future.

I connected with founder Erica Lemieux and she generously invited us to film on one of her farms. It was an enjoyable challenge:

Filming outside, under a scorching August sun, setting up the camera without trampling her produce. But it was worth it and Erica was amazing. This unassuming, young woman is challenging our assumptions about what’s possible within the city limits. I felt very lucky to have had the chance to do this piece on her

See filmmakers website here.

See City Seed Farms here.