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Urban Aquaponic Farming in the Philippines

Metro Manila – Bahay Kubo Organics

By Enzo Pinga, Ryan Aguas, Maximillian Pascual

Team Bahay Kubo Organics hopes to bring communities together at the center of the growing and selling process by empowering them with urban aquaponic farming.

Bahay Kubo Organics seeks to provide solutions for environmental degradation. This project is particularly concerned with environmental degradation caused by waste by-products from traditional farming. Other problems this project seeks to address are the disruption of food supplies from weather volatility, lack of nutrition, and limited livelihood opportunities for communities. It proposes the use of an aquaponics farming system, and hopefully bring communities together at the center of the growing and selling processes.

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Oranjezicht City Farm in Cape Town, South Africa

Photo of the 3D model (made by the Farm’s landscape architect, Tanya de Villiers). Photo by Oranjezicht City Farm.

With numerous under-utilised public green spaces in Cape Town, Sheryl Ozinsky hopes to unite and educate communities through self-sustaining urban farms.

By Maciek Dubla
Feb 13, 2013


In South Africa, the idea of urban farming has taken some time to take root and grow, but it’s about to gain momentum with the development of the Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) – the first in a project that will hopefully grow into 20 city farms throughout Cape Town.

Sheryl Ozinsky, one of the project champions, meets me onsite at the farm located between Sidmouth Avenue and Upper Orange Street. While still being laid out, the basic design is in place and the beds are being sown with vegetable seeds by one of the farmers, Johannes, an ex-miner from Limpopo. Local residents hatched the idea of the project some years ago, but Sheryl’s passion for the OZCF is still strong.

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