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Urban Aquaponic Farming in the Philippines

Metro Manila – Bahay Kubo Organics

By Enzo Pinga, Ryan Aguas, Maximillian Pascual

Team Bahay Kubo Organics hopes to bring communities together at the center of the growing and selling process by empowering them with urban aquaponic farming.

Bahay Kubo Organics seeks to provide solutions for environmental degradation. This project is particularly concerned with environmental degradation caused by waste by-products from traditional farming. Other problems this project seeks to address are the disruption of food supplies from weather volatility, lack of nutrition, and limited livelihood opportunities for communities. It proposes the use of an aquaponics farming system, and hopefully bring communities together at the center of the growing and selling processes.

Through this project, it is envisioned to supply communities with a wealth-generating business framework, one that also provides nutritional benefits from organic produce like fish, fruits and vegetables.

Enzo, Ryan, and Maximillian are childhood friends and attended PAREF Southridge School together. They separated ways during college, with Enzo going to Gettysburg College, Ryan to Fordham University, and Maximillian to De La Salle University Manila. Eventually, they decided to reunite, combine their personal strengths, and make a difference in their own country. Their main issue lies with food security, environmental degradation, and community empowerment. For these three childhood friends, organic is the way to go.

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