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Meet your Vancouver Urban Farmer – Seann Dory of Sole Food Farms

Meet Seann Dory from Sole Food Farms in this 10th short film in the ‘Meet your Urban Farmer’ series.

By Vita Mavronicolas, Digital Storyteller
Shaun Mavronicolas
Fire and Light Media Group

From Fire And Light’s description:

Seann J Dory is the Co-Director of Sole Food Farms. Before starting Sole Food, Seann was a project manager at United We Can a social enterprise creating employment opportunity for inner city residents through environmental enterprises. Seann is a founding member of the Young Agrarians, an initiative to recruit, promote and support young farmers in Canada.

Seann speaks regularly about food, sustainability and inner city development and has presented at the EAT Vancouver Festival and the Projecting Change Film Festival. Seann is a graduate of the Sustainable Community Development program at Simon Fraser University and a member of the National Farmers Union.

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Electricity from Living Plants – “Green Electricity” from Your Food Garden

Plant-e technology – Produce food on your roof and charge your cell phone at the same time

Plugging in to Plant Roots- Marsh grasses can power small fuel cells

By Lucas Laursen
Spectrum IEEE
February 2013


Cast-off electrons in a plant’s roots can provide electricity, a Dutch team reports. Now, through a spin-off company, it hopes to grow grassy generators on rooftops and promote decentralized electrical production in wetlands in developing countries.

Plants exude a variety of waste products that microbes consume, such as glucose, acetate, butyrate, and propionate. The underground interaction leaves spare electrons in the surrounding soil and water, which researchers—led by Bert Hamelers at Wageningen University, in the Netherlands—began tapping in experiments in 2007. They were already working on using so-called microbial fuel cells (MFCs) to treat wastewater when they realized that plant roots improved the performance of the fuel cells.

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Morocco and Netherlands hold urban agriculture conferences

moroc2Urban Agriculture in Morocco.

International Colloquium Of Urban Agriculture
27 Feb-02 March 2013,
Casablanca, Morocco

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr. Amin AL HAKIMI, University of Sana’a, Yemen
Thiago BARBIZAN, Municipality of Sao Paulo
Dr Alison BLAY-PALMER, Wilfried Laurier University, Ontario
Dr Moez BOURAOUI, Université Tunis
Sonia CALLAU, City of Barcelona
Nevin COHEN, The New School, NYC
Julien CUSTOT, FAO Food For Cities
Marielle DUBBELING, Head of RUAF Foundation
Moncef FADILI, UN-Habitat, Morocco
Mehdi GUADI, Association Marocaine pour des Éco-Villes (AMEV)
Dr. Hans R. HERREN, Millenium Institute, Washington
Dr. Abdelkader KAIOUA, Inspecteur de l’Urbanisme, de l’Habitat et de la Politique de la Ville du Grand Casablanca
Andrea KOCH-KRAFT, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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