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‘Front to Backyard Urban Farms and Gardens’ in Los Angeles, California

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Our goal is to become a full-service urban farm and garden company

Front to Backyard Urban Farms and Gardens offers the following services: vegetable and kitchen gardens, herb gardens, container gardens, raised beds, drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting, eco-friendly lawn and yard maintenance, composting, worm composting, farm animal-sitting, raising chickens, and beekeeping. We will remove the lawn in your front or backyard and replace it with a vegetable garden. Any of the services listed below can be purchased individually, but we’re also happy to combine them into a custom-made urban farm and garden package of any size.

The prices below are estimates only.

Site Visit/Consultation – FREE
We will spend an hour or so looking over your garden location, examining the soil, determining the suitability of the location, and getting a sense from you as to what type of garden or farm will best suit your needs.

Vegetable or Kitchen Gardens – $500 – $1,000

Raised Beds – $250 and up

Herb Gardens – $175 and up

Container Gardens – $175 and up

Composting – $150 and up [More Info]

Worm Composting – $125 and up

Drip Irrigation – $150 and up

Rainwater Harvesting – $150 and up

Lawn & Yard Maintenance – $150 and up [More Info]

Farm Animal Sitter Services – $45 per day

Ongoing Garden Consultations – Quoted Individually

Restaurant & Commercial Gardens – Quoted Individually

Custom Packages – Quoted Individually

* Raising Chickens – $TBD

* Beekeeping – $TBD

See their site here.