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Shipping Container Greenhouse – Urban Farm Unit by Damien Chivialle

Since 2010, three farms have been built in Zurich, Berlin and Brussels.

Feb 17, 2013


The farm-container employs aquaponics – which combine traditional tools and means of cultivating – with contemporary high performance.

Each of the units is comprised of two cubic meters of water, flowing in a closed circuit in which fish feces are broken down by bacteria in a sewage tank, transformed into minerals which serve as fertilizer for the plants, which they filter – the water returning back to the pool of fish.

This controlled system is considered to recover methane from the tank to power an alternate generator. in the case of installing several containers, one can imagine filling a bio-gas plant to collect and recycle organic waste. each structure is designed with standard components: hydroponics, an industrial greenhouse, scaffolding, and an open-top container, all of this intended to be scalable and evolutive – adaptable to various situations. since 2010, three farms have been built in zurich, berlin and brussels.

From now until february 24th, the most recent UFU iteration can be seen at the Grote Markt (grand market) in Levuen, Belgium as part of the artefact festival program.

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