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School garden located in Longueuil Québec produces 4600 pounds of vegetables

OXFAM film about garden. Documentaire réalisé par OXFAM sur un rojet d’envergure de micro-agriculture à l’école secondaire Hélène-De Champlain qui accueille des élèves manifestant des troubles graves du comportement.

For 19 years now, Daniel Lefebvre has taught students suffering from severe behaviour disorders.

Excerpt about instructor Daniel Lefebvre:

As the instigator of Les mains de Champlain cooperative that was created a few years ago, Mr. Lefebvre can truly grasp just how committed his peers and students are. “The moment you do something for others and not only for yourself, everything seems to fall into place. The students can feel this and in turn do what it takes to ensure that everything runs smoothly.”

When he established the cooperative, Mr. Lefebvre wanted to offer students a genuine work experience, a unique opportunity to develop their employability and learn to tackle concrete situations in project management.

The cooperative has received recognition on more than one occasion and not long ago even set up a collective garden that has become a place for learning and community involvement. Run entirely by students, the garden has already donated 2,000 pounds of organic vegetables to more than 130 underprivileged families in the neighbourhood.

“What I find fascinating is that, despite the problems and suffering these students have experienced, they still develop a spirit of mutual aid and sharing. They think of others and want to help out. That’s what is so incredible about my job.”

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