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Charleston, Virginia Council task force looks into laws regarding urban agriculture

Cullen Naumoff, left, project manager of Charleston Area Alliance Vision 2030, and Kelly Cline, organic agriculturalist, right, are working on the “Sustainable Urban Agriculture Initiative,” which is designed to train people to grow produce for use by local restaurants. In the middle is Tighe Bullock, who is allowing them to use the backyard of his West Side apartment complex for the program. Link here.

The back-to-the-land movement of the ’70s brought hundreds, maybe thousands of counterculture types to West Virginia to try their hand at farming. Now the trend has moved into the cities.

By Jim Balow
West Virginia Gazette
Feb 18, 2013


“You can go across the country,” Plagemann said, “all the large cities are looking at urban agriculture. The American Planning Association has several pamphlets on the subject. Planning Magazine, they did a whole issue dedicated to urban agriculture.”

Last year, city Planning Director Dan Vriendt asked Plagemann to look into the matter.

“Already in the city we have a lot of little plots, community gardens,” Plagemann said. Tom Tolliver has several gardens on the West Side, he said, and is planning another on a Rebecca Street site the Charleston Urban Renewal Authority originally planned to turn into a small park.

Plagemann took the issue to the Strong Neighborhoods Task Force. “Dan felt it was a good fit with their objectives, since we’re talking about sustainable neighborhoods. We brought it to them, just to see what they thought: Do you want to take it on as a task force?

“They wanted more information and to see how it fit into our city code. Some people already thought [the code] addresses this.”

Read the complete article here.

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1 Herb Wheeler { 02.25.13 at 9:27 am }

Great article- you are one of my must read pages for worldwide community/urban gardening, well honestly only up-to-date source. thanks from west virginia