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‘Urban-serving farm’ eleven miles outside Boise, Odaho


The link between sustainable farming and sustainable communities

By Kaid Benfield
Feb 20, 2013


Although an excellent recent article refers to Peaceful Belly as an “urban farm,” it’s actually something better: an urban-serving farm, located just outside the Boise region’s development footprint. I clearly support gardens and small-scale “farms” inside cities when they support city density, function and walkability and don’t interfere with them. But 60-acre operations belong outside the city, ideally amidst other farming so that rural land is contiguous, urban land is compact, and collectively the farms reach a scale that supports elements of a farm economy, such as feed and equipment stores.

Peaceful Belly strives to be an exemplar of ethical, sustainable practices. The introduction on the farm’s website serves as a sort of mission statement, stressing the operation’s strong commitment to community:

“At its heart Peaceful Belly is a small family farm. We believe in genetic diversity, both domestic and wild. We grow over 90 types of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and berries in addition to raising pastured poultry. Our food is grown organically and is certified by the State of Idaho.

Read the complete article here.