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Vancouver urban farmer wants to create jobs and reduce global warming

When we eat food that’s been grown without chemicals, close to where we live, we reduce our fossil inputs and our emissions by 70%.

By Philip Be’er
Home Harvest Farms


What are we not being told about the short term impacts of global warming on the Vancouver area!! Learn how urban farming will contribute to the deceleration of global warming and could protect the value of property in Richmond and Delta while creating a billion green jobs around the world.

We don’t have to change the entire food system to have an impact and we don’t have to give up the things that are most dear to us. All we need to do is to nurture the environment that supports the expansion of widespread, urban agriculture. With a little support in the form of subsidies that make this organic food competitive pricewise, it won’t take long before economic forces will naturally bring us beyond the tipping point where the social and economic benefits will become self-reinforcing and where we’ll notice how rapidly our harmful emissions are falling and our health and wellbeing is improving.

See his fund raising effort here.