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Condos versus Community Gardens in Vancouver, BC

Photo by Hella Delicious.

Condos vs Cottonwood Community Garden – Vancouver’s City hall’s viaduct removal plan could accelerate gentrification and hit Downtown Eastside’s green space and food system

By Peter Driftmier
Feb 26, 2013


While many community gardens have a visibly white and middle-class dominated constituency, multiracial working-class and low-income gardeners are among the community gardening movement’s active long-term membership, especially in the greater Downtown Eastside. Indeed, community gardening can be a vital survival strategy for low-income people.

With the $610 per month for an ‘expected-to-work’ adult’s social assistance payment, that leaves little for food after shelter, transit, clothes and a phone for finding work. This leaves a maximum $26 per week that the government says should be left for food after these minimum expenses. That is less than half the conservative amount deemed necessary by the Dietitians of Canada in order for an adult to sustain a basic healthful diet.

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Orlando, Florida, leaders move toward allowing vegetable gardens in front yards

Watch Jason and Jennifer Helvenston speak about their garden and the troubles they’ve had. Video here.

College Park residents find themselves struggling with city of Orlando code enforcement after turning their front yard into a garden.

By Mark Schlueb
Orlando Sentinel
February 25, 2013


Orlando leaders moved closer Monday to allowing residents to plant vegetables in their front yards, but gardeners remain worried that City Hall’s benevolence will come with too many rules.

The City Council directed planners to come up with an ordinance that specifically allows front-yard vegetable gardens, something about which city code is now silent.

The discussion started last year, after College Park homeowners Jason and Jennifer Helvenston dug up their front lawn and replaced it with tomatoes, kale, carrots, beets and other vegetables. The owner of the property next door complained to the city, and a code enforcement officer ordered the Helvenstons to nix the veggies and replace it with grass.

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Venice School Urban Garden

Mark Twain Middle School, a Title 1 school where 83% of students get assistance with meals

By MeiMei Fox
Huffington Post
Feb 25, 2013


Mark Twain Middle School’s Seed to Plate Program in Venice, Los Angeles is a model for school nutrition programs in the L.A. Unified School District and across the nation. The garden serves as not only a source of healthy food for the students, but also as a classroom. The children learn entrepreneurship by selling their produce at a local farmer’s market; math by counting loaves of bread baked from the wheat harvest; and history by studying Aztec and Mayan agricultural techniques.

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