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Backyard Roots: Lessons On Living Local From 35 Urban Farmers


35 urban farmers from Northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia – Book Forthcoming March 15

By Lori Eanes
Mountaineers Books
March 15, 2013
192 Pages, Features over 200 photos
Lori Eanes is a San Francisco-based food and people photographer. Her work has been published in Sierra Magazine, Sunset, Organic Style, The Wall Street Journal, Via, and San Francisco Magazine, as well as in a variety of cookbooks. She grows her own vegetables in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Backyard Roots is a unique project by California-based photographer Lori Eanes that evocatively and intimately explores the lives of 35 urban farmers in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. In these stories and photos you’ll find people like Laura Allen, the Oakland-based cofounder of Greywater Action, a policy and education nonprofit that promotes the use of greywater systems. In Vancouver, aquaponic farmer Jodi Peters sustainably grows and harvests tilapia in sync with her organic vegetable garden. Or meet Jonathan Chen, a young cancer survivor who now manages the Danny Woo Community Gardens in south Seattle, where a group of Southeast Asian immigrants farm in a vibrant mix of cultures.

“This rooftop garden above Bastille Café in Seattle’s Ballard District. It’s one of the most deluxe that I got to visit while working on Backyard Roots. With 4800 square feet of growing space the building had to be retrofitted to hold the weight. But the garden provides a lot of produce: in the summer 50-100% of the restaurant’s greens come right off the roof.”

The burgeoning range of people now turning their urban backyards into homesteads is wide and varied, from families with young children, to immigrants recapturing their original culture, to idealistic twenty-somethings seeking community. Many of these farmers have a special lesson or inspiration to share with those who aspire to, or simply appreciate, the urban farm lifestyle.

From the elderly to the young, the trendy to the purely functional, here are inspiring stories, ideas on how to make it happen, tips on everything from chicken keeping to community health, and so much more.

See author’s website here.

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