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Kin Park Urban Farm: region’s first-ever urban farm and greenhouse proposed for Duncan, BC

Our team consists of six youth committed to changing the face of food in the region

We see Kinsmen Park becoming an ideal place for community gathering. Our goal is to create a youth-run farm social enterprise that contributes to a safe and positive atmosphere, beautifies the neighbourhood, and provides jobs for youth in the Cowichan Region. We already have an educational space for all members of our community to learn the skills necessary to take food production, preservation, and nutrition into their own hands. To build on this, we would like to create a demonstration site where we can explore the potentials of urban agriculture, while respecting and contributing to the space as a community park.

Where will your investment go?

To our greenhouse. The greenhouse will provide us with the ability to grow our own healthy little seedlings in the spring, grow blazing hot chili peppers in the summer and yummy greens in the winter.

To our Aquaponics system. And just what is aquaponics? Aquaponics is creating a closed ecosystem that uses fish to create natural healthy fertilizer for growing plants using hydroponics, which then helps clean the water for the fish. Check out this link for more info on this system.

To our urban demonstration farm. We plan to expand the garden space in the park, create playful spaces for kids and picnic areas for everyone to enjoy surrounded by an urban farm!

To provide startup funding for youth internships. This will keep the farm going through the first growing season thus allowing us to become a self-sufficient social enterprise.

See their fundraising site here.