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Can a Community Garden Stop the NYU Expansion?

Photo by Terri Cude.

Neighbors and advocates argue that the university can’t build on what should be considered official parkland

By Nora Bosworth
March 7, 2013


One effect of the plan, if executed, is certain: the LaGuardia Corner Gardens, the longest running community garden in the City, will be no more. The building that would go up on Bleecker Street would cast the garden into shadow, killing off most, if not all, of its plants.

“While the remaining sunlight could support shade-tolerant species, the proposed Bleecker Building adjacent to the garden would cast between four and five-and-a-half hours of new shadow on the garden during morning hours throughout the growing season, jeopardizing the viability of shade-intolerant species,” states the Environmental Impact Statement that the Department of City Planning composed.

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3rd Report Measuring Food Production in NYC Community Gardens


Farming Concrete 2012 Harvest Report

Numbers at a glance:
106 gardens participated
75 gardeners weighed
195 different crop varieties recorded
7,774.44 pounds of food reported 52,209 plants counted
48,385 of these plants have yield data**
Estimated total yields for participating gardens: 87,000 lbs***
Estimated total dollar value: $330,000***
Total Reported Area Under Production: 4.5 acres

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‘Manna From Our Roof’ – the winning idea at competition


Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Awards

By Federica Marra
Manna from our roof
Leiden University, The Netherlands


In response to urbanized spaces’ alienation from food production and its ecological, recreational and economic values, it is necessary to reconceptualise the cities from the key viewpoint of sustainability and to educate its citizens about a new ecology of food. The manna FromOurRoof project will engage young people across the OECD countries in an international network of activities combining education, communication and business: participants will actively take part in cultivation, preservation, cooking and sale of local food products. By the means of roof gardens, window farms and edible walls, the facilities they will be working in will be providing the urban community with fresh and local produce, while taking care of their own energy supply, water and waste.

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