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‘Manna From Our Roof’ – the winning idea at competition


Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Awards

By Federica Marra
Manna from our roof
Leiden University, The Netherlands


In response to urbanized spaces’ alienation from food production and its ecological, recreational and economic values, it is necessary to reconceptualise the cities from the key viewpoint of sustainability and to educate its citizens about a new ecology of food. The manna FromOurRoof project will engage young people across the OECD countries in an international network of activities combining education, communication and business: participants will actively take part in cultivation, preservation, cooking and sale of local food products. By the means of roof gardens, window farms and edible walls, the facilities they will be working in will be providing the urban community with fresh and local produce, while taking care of their own energy supply, water and waste.

The participants will personally cook the greens they themselves will be cultivating, while also attending cooking classes and talks by international food, nutrition and sustainability experts. Moreover, they will sell the yield surplus in the buildings’ shop, city markets and the Internet. The project will encourage environmentally responsible behaviour, create a short loop between producers and consumers, support local production and promote cultural, didactical and agricultural tourism, in order to revitalize the cultural, environmental and social importance of food.

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