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‘Urban Farm – Option: Natural’ from France


The Urban Farm operates as a closed loop garden which avoids waste and helps to protect the environment.

By Patrice Houssais
Tel: 00 33 (0) 2 43 53 26 75

‘Option: Natural’ is a French company which proposes to develop a mobile garden concept called ‘Urban Farm’. Trays made from polyethylene and carbon steel are capable of accommodating a maximum 3.5 m3 of cropland. They drain to ensure surface gardening which benefits our ‘Urban Farms’ because there is a water tank placed at the bottom of the trough (about 900L). It is separated from the upper part containing the cultivated earth and filtered by a partition.

This supply of water, which can be filled by a simple tap or from rain water, is used to water the garden via a traditional hand pump. This is a charming feature of the farm. A drain and cleanable overflow device complete the device. The Urban Farms therefore operate as a closed loop gardens which avoid waste and helps to protect the environment. The other practical addition to the farm is the existence of a lock box for seeds and tools, etc.

The farms are offered in different sizes to meet a variety of needs: either two (2.4m long) or 3 elements (3.6m long) or more if needed. Their curb weight is 170 kg which can be moved easily. Finally their height (0.70cm) and (V-shape) are particularly suitable for people with disabilities, children and the elderly. A mobile bench gripping the wall is optional.

No installation work is required. The Urban Farm land is lowered onto flat ground with moving straps.

These portable urban farms are useful because:

* They support a return to nature and bring gardens where they are needed most.

* They promote well-being and self-satisfaction, the growing and harvesting of organic and healthy products.

* Finally, they help develop social values: “self-construction, social cohesion and civility”. Similarly, “patience, effort, self-satisfaction, and autonomy”.

The Urban Farms are suitable for individuals, schools, neighbourhoods, retirement homes and are customizable, color, logo etc.

Vist their website here.

For more information:
Tel: 00 33 (0) 2 43 53 26 75