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Vancouver Compost Garden promotes City’s worm composting program

Mike Levenston, City Farmer executive director, displays a worm bin he encourages condo dwellers to use to recycle food scraps. Photo by Sharon Slack.

Stratas face extra cost, odours with food scraps

By Chris Campbell
24 hours
March 20, 2013

A local composting advocate hopes strata residents will take a lead in the transition to recycling food scraps in multi-family buildings by 2015.

Under new City of Vancouver rules, stratas face penalties if they don’t have programs up and running by then, said Mike Levenston, executive director of City Farmer, which runs the region’s compost hotline and offers recycling workshops.

“All these organics have to be recycled and there are easy ways to do it,” he said. “We’re here to help people get organized.”

Levenston pointed out at least one person in a strata has to take charge, meeting with other residents and perhaps form a committee. Tenants can either try and recycle food scraps on site or organize a hauler to pick up the material once it’s separated.

Contact the local city hall to see if there is curbside collection for food scraps, or to get a list of private haulers.

Metro Vancouver encourages people to get worm bins for their decks or on rooftops to recycle the scraps. The big issue for home composting is the smell, Levenston notes.

City Farmer has been experimenting with what it calls the Silver Dragon, a Korean-made electric composter that could be the future for multi-family buildings.

To get started on composting, City Farmer has a workshop on Saturday for City of Vancouver residents, and they must pre-register at 604-736-2250.

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