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Vertical Urban Farm in San Diego by Brandon Martella


It will produce a projected 266,796 kilograms of food every three months

By Brandon Martella
March 16, 2013


In response to an exponential growth in population and current trends in unsustainable food consumption, San Diego architect Brandon Martella has proposed a new high-rise building typology that integrates an expansive farm and market into the American urban landscape. The vertical farm skyscraper is an architecture that responds to a burgeoning economic and environmental issue — a problem of fruit and vegetable supply not meeting the 320+ kilogram per person demand in the United States.

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March 25, 2013   1 Comment

Brooklyn’s El Jardin del Pueblo Transforms an Empty Lot into an Urban Farm


“The People’s Garden” with a mantra that proudly proclaims “Our Work is our Food.”

By Sherrell Dorsey


Residents in East New York, Brooklyn have a new place to shop for their eggs without having to step foot inside of a grocery store or bodega. Instead, members of the recently unveiled El Jardin del Pueblo – a community garden project spearheaded by GrowNYC – can pick up fresh, organic eggs directly from one of the 25 donated heirloom chickens that have made a home in the newly established garden.

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