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Local Brooklyn Whole Foods Will Have A 20,000-Square-Foot Rooftop Greenhouse


Gotham Greens is paying to build the greenhouse, and the grocery chain will simply buy the pesticide-free produce as they would from any other farm.

By Ariel Schwartz
Senior Editor at Co.Exist
April 5, 2013


This week, Whole Foods announced that it’s going a step further, teaming up with Gotham Greens to build the first commercial-scale greenhouse farm in the U.S. that’s attached to a retail grocery store. The hydroponic farm will produce leafy greens, basil, and unlike the Greenpoint greenhouse, vine crops like tomatoes and cucumbers. As you might imagine, the produce arrives on store shelves much quicker than if it had come from an outside farm; in some cases, crops can make their way downstairs to the store in just 20 minutes.

“Just coming from a customer perspective, living in New York City and buying their product, it’s amazing how long you can have [Gotham Greens produce] in your refrigerator,” says Tristam Coffin, Whole Foods Market’s Green Mission Specialist. Whole Foods will distribute the greenhouse produce, which Coffin says will be “competitively priced,” to other New York City Whole Foods locations (there are eight in total) as well.

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