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Cultivating Urban Gardens in Barcelona, Spain

Horta neighbourhood. Photo by Stefanie Fock. See larger image here.

Putting the countryside into the city means changing the city’s rhythm to the rhythm of nature

Photo Exhibition and story by Stefanie Fock


Where there is always more bored people waiting for somebody to entertain them in the urban environment; in Barcelona and its surroundings there are a lot of people who create spaces actively to bring nature and knowledge about our food to the city and at the same time they take care of a more healthy and conscious diet. This photo-documentary visualizes the gardens of this city as heterogeneous as its inhabitants and it shows the differences between the reclamation of space and the controlled distribution of parcels by the government.

Thus to put the countryside into the city means to change the cities rhythm to the rhythm of the nature, but at the same time it means to respect the characteristics of an urban garden which is always subdued to the constant transformation of the city.

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