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CBS News reports: Rooftop farms – the future of agriculture?

Gotham Greens and Brooklyn Grange are featured

By Jessica Hartogs
Cbs News
April 22, 2013


With the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations forecasting urban areas to account for 70 percent of the world population in 2050, perhaps building farms in cities isn’t such a crazy idea.

Urban farmers say this type of farming is much more productive for the environment, cutting out greenhouse gas emissions, transportation costs, while the food remains fresher and has a longer shelf-life, not to mention making use of space that would otherwise remain under-utilized.

The produce is grown in optimum conditions where temperature, air and hydration are all monitored.

With adverse weather conditions across the world becoming more frequent, and tougher to predict, vertical greenhouses seem to becoming a strong solution to a reliable food source.

The crops that are grown in protected greenhouses with monitored temperatures and water levels are not affected by the various weather patterns.

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