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Omaha Mayor Joins Local Agriculture Producers To Announce ‘Farms to Omaha’ Initiative


Developing an Urban Agriculture Master Plan for the City will lead to a sustainable urban system of food production and distribution

City of Omaha Website
May 10, 2013

Farms to Omaha will be the driving element of Omaha’s urban agricultural programming. The initiative will be farmer-based, with the goal of increasing access to local high-quality produce in our restaurants, grocery stores, and community at large. “The Farms to Omaha coalition will bring about important changes in our how our citizens access food,” said Mayor Jim Suttle. “This coalition of farmers, distributors, and restaurant owners will bring local grains and produce directly to individuals who lack access to local, nutritious food. This will promote healthy lifestyles, strengthen our neighborhoods, create jobs, and keep our food economy local.”

In addition to promoting the growth of local urban farms, the Farms to Omaha program will provide resources to support the development of community gardens in North and South Omaha. Furthermore, through a partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the “Farms to Omaha” program will help strengthen the business development of the urban agriculture economy in Omaha.

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