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UN Introduces Aquaponics to Urban Farming in Gaza

Plants fed by Aquaponic System. Credit: AFP, Mohammed Abed.

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has set up 15 aquaponic urban farms in Gaza City to curb growing food insecurity.

By Kristen Avis
Design Build Source
May 15, 2013


“One of the major reasons this is an applicable method in Gaza is the effectiveness with water use,” said Chris Somerville, an FAO agronomist and urban agriculture consultant in Gaza.

“When you are talking about aquaponic or hydroponic or any form of soil-less agriculture, you’re using less than 20 percent of the amount of water.”

Phase One of the FAO project began in 2010 and included giving rooftop aquaponic units to 119 food insecure households headed by women. A further 24 units were installed in educational and community buildings.
Phase Two involved a further 100 rooftop units including fish tanks connected to gardens through pipes and aquaponics with containers below to grow food.

Aquaponics is sustainable a way to produce food by using fish farming in a re-circulating agricultural system. It is essentially a combination of aquaculture (raising fish in tanks) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in water).

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