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Big empty swimming pool turned into abundant food garden

Garden Pool from Dark Rye on Vimeo.

A sustainable oasis in the suburban desert – Phoenix, Arizona

By Dark Rye magazine
Roots No. 3
The video from Dark Rye was produced by Angus Cann and Ira Chute and edited by Andy Pickard.
(Must see. Mike)


When the McClungs purchased their first home, it came with a run-down old swimming pool. Rather than spend thousands of dollars fixing it up with chlorine and spanish tile (like everybody else), Dennis saw an opportunity. He designed and built a nearly self-sufficient suburban farm in one of the most unlikely locations imaginable. Now, instead of sitting inside in front of the TV, Dennis’ kids are out in the Garden Pool turning the interplay of chicken droppings, algae sludge, tilapia fish, miniature goats, and clay pellets into a damned fine feast—with 50-70% less money, 90% less water, and about 400% more freshness.


By tapping into our collective agrarian roots, the McClungs have turned their formerly hands-off, commercially-rooted food supply into homegrown art, science, devotion, education, and craft. They’ll change the way you think about the family dinner—and the family pool party—for the better.

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1 Edward { 05.31.13 at 5:42 am }

This is a family taking a positive approach to the future. What an inspirational story!