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New Agriculturist – May 2013 “Urban Agriculture Issue”


In this edition we focus on a number of initiatives that are working with governments and urban farmers to remove barriers and provide incentives, inputs and training in order to empower the poor and contribute to their food security and nutrition.

New Agriculturist
May 2013

Excerpt from editorial:

Over the next decade, sub-Saharan Africa’s urban population is forecast to increase by almost 45 percent – an extraordinary figure by any standards. For millions of Africa’s rural-urban migrants, the challenges of city life are all too real. Yet urban agriculture, for years outlawed by municipal authorities, offers solutions to numerous urban problems, including poverty, food and nutrition insecurity, unemployment and waste management.

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Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities


By Luke Dixon
Timber Press

Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities features everything an urbanite needs to know to start keeping bees: how to select the perfect hive, how to buy bees, how to care for a colony, how to harvest honey, and what to do in the winter. Urban beekeeping has particular challenges and needs; this book highlights the challenges and presents practices that are safe, legal, and neighbor-friendly.

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Urban Agriculture Tour of Saskatoon, Canada

An urban greenhouse in Saskatoon. The large raised beds are old City of Saskatoon garbage bins!

Wally Satzewich and Gail Vandersteen, SPIN farming creators, opened their home to show off their massive backyard garden

By Franny Rawlyk
Nature City Review
MAy 26, 2013


Another stop was at a local woman’s house to see her backyard chicken coop. I grew up with chickens, but on an acreage outside of the city, so I was curious to see this set-up, especially because it was on quite a small lot. Unfortunately, due to city bylaw troubles, the chickens weren’t actually there, but she had a great set up. The coop was winterized and she had mulch all over the yard and a composting system for the nitrogen-rich excrement. It didn’t seem like too much work and she gets her very own, locally grown, organic, free-range eggs daily! I could get into that (if only her yard was big enough for also having a produce garden). I remember the city bylaws about chickens being a big issue in the media a little while ago. She claims that none of her neighbours even mind, so I wonder where all the opposition is coming from? Many other cities have allowed urban farming, so why is the City of Saskatoon still behind the times on this issue?

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