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Parliament Hill gardens in Quebec planted with 130 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs

The urban garden is laid out before the National Assembly.

“This sends a message to Quebec, it is a message that is also sent to the world – in general it says ‘yes’ to urban agriculture.”

By Radio Canada
June 13, 2013

Translated into English (Google):

Fruits and vegetables in the beds of the National Assembly

The gardens of Parliament Hill in Quebec shall be fitted with new plants. A garden of 130 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs will be grown in the front of the Parliament.

These developments are the result of a collaboration between the National Assembly with Urbainculteurs, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of gardening and urban agriculture.

The co-founder of Urbainculteurs Marie Eisenmann, is delighted that the National Assembly has taken the initiative to cultivate an urban garden. “This is a message that it sends to Quebec, it is a message that it sends to the world in general as to say yes, urban agriculture is something we recognize and yes, it’s interesting. Let’s put your hands in the earth, “she said.

Five sections make up this garden that pays homage to Native Americans who grew corn, squash, and beans. Those considering starting a home vegetable garden in a small or difficult to cultivable area will be guided by developments prepared in pots.

A section is devoted to gardens antique and contemporary. Finally, berries and medicinal plants also have their place in this urban garden. To ensure pollination, bees have taken up residence on the roof of Jean-Antoine Panet-building of the National Assembly through a collaboration with Honey Champlain.

The harvest will at Le Parliamentary and surplus gear will be donated to Blue, a community organization that works with children in need by providing food security among others. The maintenance of these urban gardens is given to students at Laval University.

Read the complete article here in French.

See photos of the garden here.

Listen to a radio broadcast about the gardens here.

The Backyards of the National Assembly

A historic moment for Urbainculteurs and very symbolic for urban agriculture in Quebec and elsewhere! We inaugurated this Thursday, June 13 vegetable of the National Assembly of Quebec, our latest achievement. Composed of five thematic sections, they have 130 varieties planted nearly 2,000 ft2, both in the ground in Smart Pots. Two hives also took place on the roof of the Assembly. To discover in images and now on site.

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1 Barbara E. Brooks { 06.16.13 at 12:37 am }

Wow! That’s amazing and I hope others would follow.

Having an urban garden makes a boring lawn look inviting. I recently done container gardening (see: ) and turnd my small house into a “sustainable home.”