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Selling seeds from her truck in Vancouver, BC

Judy Kenzie with her truck farm in Vancouver that she says “opens doors for me, for the seed business.”

Vancouver woman’s truck bed full of sprouting tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, Swiss chard, parsley, sunflowers, squash, kale, chives, sorrel, savory and edible flowers like borage, nasturtiums and violas

By Shelley Fralic
Vancouver Sun
June 19, 2013


Cleverly packaged in stylish, retro-labelled tin cans, the 14 selections in the seed collection include Junior Farmer, Urban Apothecary, Easy Peasy, Bee Garden, Edible Flowers, Quick and Dirty and the Shade Flower collection.

The instant gardens are sold for $ 17 to $ 28 online and in dozens of gift and florist shops and at farmers’ markets, street festivals and sustainability fairs throughout the province.

Each contains seed packets, germination and care instructions, specific information about the plants and, sometimes, recipes.

She refers to her new mission as a “reinvention,” and to date has planted about 1,000 heirloom seeds in 40 different varieties, from herbs and edible flowers to vegetables. As for that truck farm, Kenzie was browsing on the Internet not long ago when she stumbled on a trailer for a 2011 documentary titled Truck Farm, about a group of Brooklyn- based urban gardeners who used their “planted” truck as a mobile educational project.

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