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Documentary exploring what urban agriculture might mean for the future of food in Tokyo

Proposal: Growing City – A Documentary

By Nick Sugihara
Kickstarter web site

Growing City is a short documentary built from two of my great loves: growing food and Tokyo. There are a lot of problems facing modern agriculture both in Japan and across the world, and urban farming presents an interesting solution to some of the worst ones. What I’m looking for in this project is what exactly that solution might look like.

What’s the money for?

A great deal of the money will go towards transportation because in order to make a film about Tokyo, I want to see lots of Tokyo. The subways and trains here – like everything else – are expensive, so that adds up quick. The biggest chunk after that will be for equipment; I have the bare necessities but there are some small but expensive pieces that would go a long way towards making this thing the best it can be – specifically: a variable nd filter, a zacuto viewfinder, and a new lens.

See Kickstarter here.