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Bangalore, India is rediscovering its passion for gardening


Once called Garden City because of its home gardens, Bangalore is increasingly turning into a maze of apartments with no space for greenery. But simultaneously, urban farmers are emerging, growing vegetables on terraces, balconies and vacant sites. Some are even renting micro-farms in the suburbs to spend green-thumb weekends.

By Savie Karnel
Talk Magazine
June 27, 2013


It was then that he came up with the idea of leasing three acres and renting out patches of it. He started Green Thumbs in April last year.

He has put up a banana plantation in one-and-a-half acres and has set aside the rest for renting out. “It is aimed to serve people living in apartments who have no backyards,” he says.

Anand takes care of the upkeep of the farm. His customers visit the farm on weekends and work for about an hour on their patch.

People usually sow seed or saplings. They de-weed and harvest on weekend. Anand offers packages that include daily watering, weekly de-weeding, crop alerts, and organic pest control and manure. He also provides seeds and saplings.

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