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The Backyard Sheep: An Introductory Guide to Keeping Productive Pet Sheep


“Before you buy sheep, make sure you want them.”

By Sue Ann Weaver
Storey Publishing
July 5, 2013
Sue Weaver, also known as Dreamgoat Annie, is author of The Backyard Goat, The Backyard Sheep, Hobby Farms Goats, Hobby Farms Sheep, and an array of other books for Storey Publishing and BowTie Press. She and her husband breed lovely Classic/Miniature sheep at their smallholding in the Ozark Mountains near Mammoth Spring, Arkanas.

Excerpt from her blog:

I’m (kind of) on lamb watch, hoping that at least one of two possibly pregnant ewes is getting ready to have lambs.

Normally I would know but Jacy, a young white Classic Cheviot was in with Wee Mad Arthur for almost 5 weeks and though I never saw any breeding activity, odds are she should be bred. However, she’s a first-timer and a naturally zaftig girl, so she might not have ovulated. So is she or isn’t she? She’s huge but all that bulk could be fat!

The other possibility is Wren, one of my favorite sheep. I saw her bred (many times) but she passed her due date last Thursday and has no udder development, so she probably doesn’t have lambs on board. I’ll keep her in the preggo pen until this coming Thursday just in case. Hope springs eternal.

I’m hoping for at least one more lamb as our one Classic Cheviot lamb to date (Wolf Moon Gunnar Woolenbrau, pictured above) is going to Lisa Piccolo in Oklahoma and he’ll need a friend. My old ewe, Baannie, is due in July, so her lamb could be little Gunnar’s friend but there would be a huge gap in their ages.

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