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Mumbai, India: Showing the green finger

Photo by Purvita Kapadia.

Urban gardeners in the city are fighting rising vegetable prices, pollution and a depleting green cover by converting their balconies and terraces into mini farms

By Karishma Goenka
Jul 14, 2013


Everyone has green fingers”, assured Purvita Kapadia,”All they need to do is feel the soil.” Kapadia (36) should know. She has feeding her soil in her terrace garden in her sea-facing, Chowpatty apartment for the last four years. “It is a common misconception that you need land to carry out farming. A determined effort can bear beautiful fruits even if you grow them in containers, because most vegetables need depth of only up to 1 foot to grow. More than anything it is the satisfaction and peace this activity gives you that is incomparable and very hard to find in this city”, she reveals.

In midst of the congestion present in Mumbai, there are a few urban gardeners who have taken up the mission to add a bit of green in their lives, their homes and their window sills. These gardeners are also fighting rising vegetable prices by ensuring they have a steady supply from their gardens at home.

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Buffalo’s second urban farm, a family affair

Janice Stevens (far right) gives her children direction while planting at an urban farm in Buffalo. Photo by Ashley Hassett.

“We’re a city, we’re not a farm, but it’s a city that has emptied out more than half of its population and on the east side …”

By Ashley Hassett
Innovational Trail
July 8, 2013


As urban farms become a familiar feature of many large cities, they’re also presenting a challenge for zoning laws and regulators. This is the story behind Buffalo’s second urban farm, as the east side of the city looks at how to handle more farms in the future.

Newlyweds Daniel and Alex Ash live in an old two story house on Gittere Street located on the east side of Buffalo where they lease six acres. It’s the first year running their own urban farm.

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Metal Rockers ‘Korn’ Growing Corn While Recording Album

A micro-indoor farm inside of the studio. Photo by TMZ.

July 15, 2013


Korn has been hard at work the past few months using their indoor hydroponics setup to grow a few pounds … of CORN!!!

Turns out the guys got real health conscious while recording their new album “The Paradigm Shift” — and bought a micro-indoor farm to grow corn and other vegetables inside of the studio so they wouldn’t have to buy from a store

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