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Meet your Vancouver Urban Farmer – ‘The Edible Garden Project’

Meet Emily and Gavin from the Edible Garden Project/Loutet Farm in this 11th short film in our Meet your Urban Farmer series.

By Vita Mavronicolas, Digital Storyteller
Shaun Mavronicolas
Fire and Light Media Group
July, 2013

Vancouver, BC. The EGP is a project of the North Shore Neighbourhood House. They work with a wide range of groups on the North Shore from local government and health authorities, to non-profit community groups as well as local social service providers, community members and local businesses.

The Edible Garden Project (EGP) is working to address urban environmental and social issues by creating a network that grows and shares local food and by promoting sustainable regional agriculture. They are working to reduce the reliance on foods imported from afar by empowering residents to grow (and share) their own. The EGP is the result of an extensive community consultation process where food security was identified as a key priority area from both a community and environmental perspective. Adequate access to fresh fruit and vegetables is a cornerstone to good health, but is beyond the reach of many low income community members, and current industrial agricultural practices can be highly detrimental to the environment.

The project aims to bring people together to grow and distribute locally produced food to low-income individuals and families on the North Shore. The EGP is bringing together homeowners with gardens who want to donate a portion of their harvest, people who have under or un-used garden space and would like to cultivate this land for growing food, and volunteers who want to contribute to growing, sharing and learning about locally produced food. They provide information and education in the community to build knowledge and skills around ecological food gardening and urban agriculture.

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