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Roll Out ‘Nourishmat’ Food Gardens

19 herb/vegetable types, built-in irrigation, 82 seedballs, weed barrier, planting guide

By Phil & John – Earth Starter
July 2013
(Must See. Mike)


The Nourishmat and Herbmat gardens are reusable and last around 5 year. Users can reorder seedball refills after harvesting ($1.99-$3.79 depending on seedball number) and a full-season 82 seedball refill for $44.95. A seedball will last two years if kept in a dark, dry place.

Built-in Irrigation (optional)
Nourishmat gardens come with or without irrigation. Link up a hose to the built-in irrigation and turn on the water. You can use a hose timer or manually turn the hose on for 10-15 minutes per day depending on weather conditions making sure that all of the seedballs get watered.

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Leasing Abandoned City Lots in Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Farmers planting tomatoes on one of Stone’s Throw Urban Farm’s plots. Photo Credit: Stone’s Throw Urban Farm.

“We’re working towards making a model of our farm where we have a rural arm and an urban arm.” – Stone’s Throw Urban Farm

By Trish Popovitch
July 10, 2013


In finding the lots to support their urban farming enterprise, the team sought to combat one of the main downfalls to starting an urban farm business: the high cost of land within the city limits. Hanson explains that rather than paying exorbitant rents for prime lots, the farmers drive around the city searching for empty space.

“Often times we see vacant lots in our neighborhood especially, and here in Ramsey County we have a tax look up system and you can look up a property’s tax information online and then find the owner. Often it has their contact information listed, or you can find it in the White Pages and that’s kind of how we come by a lot of lots,” shares Hanson.

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