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Roll Out ‘Nourishmat’ Food Gardens

19 herb/vegetable types, built-in irrigation, 82 seedballs, weed barrier, planting guide

By Phil & John – Earth Starter
July 2013
(Must See. Mike)


The Nourishmat and Herbmat gardens are reusable and last around 5 year. Users can reorder seedball refills after harvesting ($1.99-$3.79 depending on seedball number) and a full-season 82 seedball refill for $44.95. A seedball will last two years if kept in a dark, dry place.

Built-in Irrigation (optional)
Nourishmat gardens come with or without irrigation. Link up a hose to the built-in irrigation and turn on the water. You can use a hose timer or manually turn the hose on for 10-15 minutes per day depending on weather conditions making sure that all of the seedballs get watered.

Weed Barrier
Nourishmat gardens take care of the weeding so you don’t have to. The Nourishmat and Herbmat garden systems are pre-cut, spaced, and labeled to save you time and headache. Any weeds that may try to sneak in with the plants can be easily identified and removed.

What are Seedballs?
Seedballs are a method for distributing seeds by encasing them in nutrient rich mixture of clay and compost. This protects the seeds by preventing them from over drying, being blown away by wind or eaten by birds and rodents.

Seedballs don’t have to be started indoors. The added protection from the clay and nutrients allows for better germination and higher success rates when planting outside.

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