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‘Swearing backyard rhubarb thief’ goes viral on YouTube

Beware: Extreme foul language!

After an elderly woman wearing a wig gets caught stealing rhubarb from a neighbour in Iowa, she fights for her right to steal the rhubarb. The foul-mouthed thief claims she’s picking the rhubarb from ‘alley property’ and tells her neighbour to ‘mind your own business and go back inside’.

Excerpt: transcript from video:

New York Magazine:

Rhubarb Lady: You Pinocchio fuckin’ nose — go mind your own business!
Fence Lady: Why don’t you?
Rhubarb Lady: Why don’t you?
Fence Lady: Why don’t you grow your own?
Rhubarb Lady: This is not your fucking property, go somewhere else!
Fence Lady: [Something something] my property …
Rhubarb Lady: Fuck you! Go mind your own business!
Fence Lady: NoooOOOO. You just don’t know what’s right and wrong, do you?

Rhubarb Lady: You’re a fucking whore!
Fence Lady: You like to steal.
Rhubarb Lady: You stick your nose in everybody’s fucking business — this is goddamn alley property, bitch!
Fence Lady: No, it’s not!
Rhubarb Lady: This don’t have your name on it. Where’s your name, bitch? Where’s your name, bitch? Where your name?
Fence Lady: Where’s my name?
Rhubarb Lady: Where’s your fucking name on this alley property, bitch?
Fence Lady: Where’s yours?
Rhubarb Lady: This is anybody that wants to pick it!
Fence Lady: No, it’s not!
Rhubarb Lady: Yes, it is.
Fence Lady: Okay, if it’s anybody’s property, why don’t you come up here and mow it?
Rhubarb Lady: Because my lawnmower was stolen, bitch, by a fucking pig!
Fence Lady: Oh, yeah, right.

Read the complete transcript here.