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Vancouver Urban Farming Society utilizes community surveyors to conduct research


Goal: To learn about people’s perceptions and experiences with urban farming.

Excerpts from Vancouver Urban Farming Society project:

Community Surveyor Tasks:

• Attend a mandatory orientation;
• Engage with a minimum of 10 members of the public from their neighbourhood to complete the Urban Farming Public Perceptions community survey;
• Work with research coordinators to give back survey information in a timely manner.

A $100 honorarium will be given to all community surveyors who successfully complete the minimum quota of surveys for their neighbourhood.

Community Survey on Urban Farming in Vancouver

As part of a year-long community research project on urban farming in Vancouver, the Vancouver Urban Farming Society is collaborating with community surveyors from across the City of Vancouver to learn about people’s perceptions and experiences with urban farming.

Excerpts from the survey:

11. How would you describe an urban farm?

12. Are you familiar with any of the urban farms in Vancouver?

Other, please specify…

13. If Yes to #12 above, do you know their names/location?

Yes – Please list:

13a. In what ways did you notice them?

passing by
signage / posters
community events
in the news

14. Do you have any concerns about having an urban farm in your neighbourhood?

other, please specify…

15. On a scale of 1-5, how much would the presence of the following in your neighbourhood upset you?

(Choose: 1-not upset to 5-very upset)

1 2 3 4 5

a – a weekly veggie stand adjacent to a yard where veggies grown by the farm are sold
b – raised beds placed in front or side lawns
c – fully converted lawn to raised row crops
d- a large pile of composted soil next to a front yard
e – volunteers spending time weekly in a front yard doing farm work

16. Do you think your concerns could be addressed in the farm operations?

Yes – Comment:
No – Comment:
Don’t know – Comment:

17. Do you see benefits from having an urban farm in your neighbourhood?

Select any/all that apply
green space
access locally grown food
get to see how food is grown
neighbourhood connections, builds community
other – please specify or comment…

See more at the Vancouver Urban Farming Society here.