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Labor Day Special: Just Harvest: urban farming in a climate crisis


Free Speech Radio News: ‘Three Part Harmony Farm’ in Washington, DC

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On Capitol Hill, elected officials have long supported big agricultural and industrial-scale farming that requires massive inputs of chemicals and fossil fuels. But can this system continue to feed the population of a warming planet?

Just a few miles up the road from where lawmakers set far-reaching policy, some DC residents are organizing to create something different.

FSRN’s Alice Ollstein takes us to a farm called Three Part Harmony, where we explore what urban, organic agriculture could do both for a community and the environment they live in, and how US policy could better support it.

This documentary was produced by Alice Ollstein and edited by Shannon Young. Our technical producer at KPFA is Jeannine Etter. The original music in this documentary was performed by Owen Grooms, a young farmer in North Carolina. Special thanks to everyone who supported this project on Indiegogo.

Listen to the show here.

See Three Part Harmony Farms here.