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Modern Farmer Magazine – Farm to Table

Latest Issue 02 – Fall 2013

Modern Farmer Magazine Capitalizes on a Trend

By Christine Haughney
New York Times
September 17, 2013


When a fledgling magazine gets former President Bill Clinton to contribute an article, you would think he would be featured on the cover. But the cover model for the current issue of the quarterly Modern Farmer is a sleepy-looking goat. Mr. Clinton is mentioned between articles on outer space farming and soil cuisine.

The magazine, which offers advice on building a corn maze and articles on the effect of climate change on lettuce and oysters, is trying to carve out a new niche on the newsstand.

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Biogas slurry and urine use in large scale vertical hydroponic greenhouses

Plantagon vertical greenhouse designs. Upper right: will be built in Linköping Sweden in 2014. Source: Plantagon 2013.

Comparative Analysis of Biogas Slurry and Urine as Sustainable Nutrient Sources for Hydroponic Vertical Farming

Thesis by Vlad A. Dumitrescu
Master’s programme Science for Sustainable Development
Water and Environmental Studies Department of Thematic Studies Linköping University

For my thesis I conducted research for Plantagon, the Swedish company aiming to build a large scale vertical hydroponic greenhouse in the city of Linköping. I looked at sustainable nutrient sources for hydroponics, namely biogas slurry and urine.


Sustainable alternatives to using mined nutrients in agriculture must be found in order to limit environmental impacts such as eutrophication, habitat destruction and greenhouse gas emissions. Biogas slurry and urine recycled to hydroponic food production (a type of soilless agriculture) have the potential of providing inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus, the main essential nutrients required for plant growth. A Life Cycle Inventory Assessment (LCI) methodology has been used to compare the systems of producing artificial fertilizer, biogas slurry and urine based nutrient solutions for the growth of Brassica rapa L. (Chinese cabbage) in the context of a large scale hydroponic vertical farm.

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