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TomTato: ‘mutant’ plant that grows tomatoes and potatoes unleashed

The TomTato produces more than 500 cherry tomatoes and a generous crop of potatoes.

A bizarre plant which produces both tomatoes and potatoes, providing a ‘veg plot in a pot’, has been launched in the UK.

By Leah Hyslop
The Telegraph
25 Sep 2013


It sounds like something from a science fiction film, but a plant which produces both potatoes and tomatoes has been launched in the UK.

The ‘TomTato’ can grow more than 500 sweet cherry tomatoes above ground, while beneath the soil it produces white potatoes that are suitable for boiling, roasting or turning into chips.

Horticultural mail order company Thompson & Morgan, which is selling the plants for £14.99 each, described their new product as a “veg plot in a pot”.

The hybrid plants are not a product of genetic engineering, but are each individually hand-grafted. Like potatoes, tomatoes are members of the nightshade family (Solanaceae), which makes them compatible for grafting.

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