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CITYFOOD:  Linking Cities on Urban Agriculture and Urban Food Systems


CLEI and RUAF joint new publication

By Marielle Dubbeling,
Director, RUAF – Foundation
September 2013

This is a collection of arguments why city-region food systems are essential, recommendations and cases, as well as the announcement of the joint ICLEI/RUAF initiative, CITYFOOD, to further link cities among themselves but also with research, governments etc.


Examples of successful city food strategies include:
• Promoting and integrating urban agriculture in city planning, zoning and building standards.
• Including urban and peri-urban agriculture and forestry in land use planning, city climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.
• Preferential public food procurement for the public sectors (hospitals, schools, offices).

• Productive and safe reuse of urban waste and wastewater in urban and peri-urban agriculture.
• Supporting food projects for the urban poor/disadvantaged.
• Supporting local small and medium enterprises in food processing and distribution.
• Promoting innovative forms of multi-functional agriculture.
• Short chain marketing and value adding by farmers in the city region .
• Use of smart and local food labels.
• Supporting farmer markets and local food hubs.
• Education and learning opportunities on “Good and Healthy Food” production, consumption and nutrition.
• Forming Food Policy Councils or Platforms.
• Reducing food waste and linking to Food Banks.

See the publication here. Will be downloaded to you.

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