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Seattle urban forager subsists on squirrel

A self-proclaimed urban foraging family in Seattle says it traps and eats squirrel as part of its diet.

“These squirrels lived a really happy life.”

About Melanie Vorass
Associated Press
Seattle – Jan 2012

“I consider myself an urban forager. I can get most of my vegetables either from my vegetable garden or from foraging weeds from around the neighborhood. I wouldn’t eat just any urban animal, I mean we have larger animals here. The reason I chose squirrel is number one they were a pest and wreaking havoc with our garden and our property. But number two I watched them for a good long while, like months, and studied what their dietary habits are and they have a very clean diet. So I am very comfortable with what the quality of the tissue is and they aren’t any contaminents in the tissue.

“I thought maybe it will be ok, I thought maybe it will be a little tough maybe it will be a little gamey but if we’re going to do the critter in we’re going to eat it. We found in the back of the Joy of Cooking cookbook instructions for how to skin a squirrel and whenever our yard is over run with squirrels we’ll set a trap. We did it more or less to prove a point with ourselves that it’s possible to eat meat that was happy, these squirrels lived a really happy life.”