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Urban Stream: A Vancouver urban micro-farm that closes the food loop

We compost organics so that fresh and sustainable food can be grown on-site. An organic farm in a mobile box!

By Nick Hermes, Wes Regan and Matthew Pattinson.
Urban Stream team
Nov, 2013

Excerpt from their crowd funding site:

Our first product is the urban micro-farm, which combines vermicomposting with hydroponics and mushroom growing in a re-purposed shipping container with a greenhouse roof.

We’re launching this campaign to fund the construction of our next urban micro-farm. Our prototype is running well and we have made a few design optimizations so that we can grow even more greens in our next unit but we don’t have the funds on hand to build it.

That’s where you can help! Every micro-farm we build can eliminate up to 15 tonnes of organic waste that would otherwise go to the landfill, while simultaneously growing hundreds of pounds of fresh baby greens, herbs, mushrooms and micro-greens every year. Don’t you want to be a part of that?

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise $15,000 so that we can build the next micro-farm and divert even more organics from the landfill and grow more fresh food for the people and businesses of Vancouver. The money will allow us to buy a shipping container and all the materials needed for the build. We’re hoping to get our hands on BC cedar that is harvested using sustainable forestry practices to make the micro-farm even more environmentally-friendly. We will be putting in more grow lights and will increase yield by maximizing our vertical growing space. A portion of the money will go towards construction labour costs and to maintain the micro-farm during it’s first few months.

If by chance we don’t make our entire goal, we will still use the funds to build a micro-farm system, most likely a smaller or more basic container model or perhaps expand on our existing prototype and growing space. If we make more than our goal, we would like to build a micro-farm that could be partnered with the food bank or local shelter.

See their site here.